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Southeast Asia Choreographers #3 (SEACN3) forging ahead platform for choreographersacross SEA

Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN) is a project of Kelola Foundation
and made possible in part with a grant from the Asian Cultural Council and support
from the Mandarin Oriental Foundation and the family of Sam Miller to advance
international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange in
the arts.

SEACN was initiated to provide a platform which addresses the needs of choreographers in Southeast Asia for workshops, talks, presentations and studio visits through which the participants enhance their artistic visions and practice. The platform has also cultivated and nurtured a network among participants —opening more possibilities for mapping, collaborating, resource sharing, as well as collective knowledge production in the region.

At the same time, it aims and needs to broaden the network to various components outside the existing circle, by involving the many stakeholders that are part of the ecosystem of the performing arts. For its 2020 edition, we began recognizing iteration number (SEACN #3) to mark the continuation of the platform; to help the participants, mentors, organizers, funding sources and other stakeholders trace its trajectories; and to evaluate and formulate each meeting. Hence, the two previous SEACN meetings in 2019, has become a strong foundation for this edition.

SEACN #3 moved to an online platform due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since there would not be any in-person meeting, we decided to invite mentors who facilitated two previous SEACN. They were Arco Renz (mentor for SEACN #1), Daniel Kok and Helly Minarti (mentors for SEACN #2). By doing so, both mentors and participants were not only familiar with each other, but also would have a chance to continue their conversations from the previous SEACN meetings.

Download the SEACN publication here.

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