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Ngo Thanh Phuong

1936 by Ngo Thanh Phuong Awardee of SEACN3 Challenge Award

Awardee of SEACN3 Challenge Award

a two-channel Zoom performance where time warps and space bends

🌈Event info: http://bit.ly/1936bqcct
🌈Register form: http://bit.ly/1936form
🌈Time: 16:00 (GMT+7), Saturday, October 30, 2021
🌈Duration: 40 minutes
🌈Place: live on ZOOM and livestream to YouTube
🌈Language: Vietnamese (Zoom), English subtitles (YouTube)

Medium: A performance made for Zoom theater and live-streamed to a third channel

“1936”, the second chapter of the project “Through the door then…” is a project that received the “Challenge Award 2021” of the Southeast Asian Choreographer Network, with the sponsorship of the Asian Cultural Council and Kelola Foundation (Indonesia).

Meanwhile, the project is also received enthusiastic support from Dance Nucleus Studio (Singapore), within the framework of the ARTEFACT #2 Creative Residency program.

“1936” is presented by MORUA, funded by Asian Cultural Council, Kelola Foundation, Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN) within the framework of the Challenge Award 2021 and supported under the Dance Nucleus’s ARTEFACT#2 Creative Residency.

Production team:
Director & Choreographer: Ngô Thanh Phương
Director assistant: Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên
Performer present: Trần Diễm Phương
Performer absent: Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên
Dramaturg: Linh Lê
Producer: Red

This work is an Awardee of Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN)#3 Challenge Award.
SEACN is initiated and organized by Kelola Foundation @yayasankelola and made possible in part with a grant from the @asianculturalcouncil to advance international understanding through cultural exchange in the arts

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